Artificial Intelligence for Education in Rural South Africa, an AI4D Africa Project

About the Initiative:

The African Institute for Inclusive Growth (AIIG) is pioneering a project to promote inclusivity by enhancing education in rural South Africa. Through the EduAI Hub at the University of Lagos, this initiative has the esteemed backing of AI4D AFRICA, a joint initiative by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada and Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), Sweden.

The Mission:

Through this project, the AIIG, working in partnership with Social Coding, aims to transform the way learners in rural South Africa learn by introducing an innovative AI-enabled e-tutorial platform. Our hope is to provide an alternative to traditional text-book-based methods, enhancing learning outcomes and shaping the future of education in the region.

The Foundation:

Our journey began with a comprehensive survey titled “A Survey of Background and Technology Readiness in A Rural Grade 9 Class in Limpopo.” This study laid the groundwork to understand the specific needs and preferences of learners, particularly in terms of STEM subjects and their inclination towards technology-assisted education.

Objectives of the intervention

  1. Understanding Learners: Gather in-depth social background and baseline data to:
    • Analyze the factors determining students’ choice for STEM subjects.
    • Understand the preferences of learners for technology-aided education in the rural landscape.
  2. Designing the Future: Build a cutting-edge e-tutoring platform to facilitate seamless learning while also collecting pivotal tutoring data.
  3. Evaluating Impact: Rigorously assess the benefits of the e-tutorial platform compared to traditional methods in terms of:
    • Enhancing access to education and performance for rural learners.
    • Boosting confidence and interest in STEM subjects among rural students.
    • Promoting gender-parity in access to learning and academic performance.
    • Fostering confidence among rural female students to venture into STEM subjects.

Download the baseline report here

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