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The African Institute for Inclusive Growth (AIIG) with a similar vision. The institute is registered as non-for profit organization in accordance with South African laws since 2013. The vision of the institute is perfectly in line with what you proposed in terms of networking of African scholars and universities. The AIIG is founded on three key pillars:


  1. Knowledge generation in the area of inclusive economic development. It is a fact that though for the past 15 years, Africa has registered robust economic growth (though not all countries), leading to improved situation of poverty and general human development, the growth has still left inequality persistently high. Suggesting that it is not inclusive given the growth of inequality in hindering growth and poverty reduction. This puts Africa’s growth itself and sustainability in Jeopardy. The AIIG wants to identify knowledge gaps in the area of inclusive development in Africa and fill them through robust research that is accessible to development stakeholders.


  1. Contribution to policy development for inclusive development. The link between the knowledge created in Africa and about Africa, and the policy processes in Africa is almost inexistent in most African countries. The AIIG proposes to network with African scholars in translating existing and new research into policy proposals for policy stakeholders. This complements goal 1 above and seeks to source publications on Africa in high but inaccessible journals, together with new research, putting the results in simple policy proposals that are understandable and usable by policy makers.


  1. Finally, the third objective of the organization is capacity building. One reason why academic research may not be absorbed by policy makers is lack of capacity. Other areas of capacity development are in pre-empting the possible impacts of proposed policy measures and evaluating the outcomes of policies already implemented for adjustments and improvements especially at the local tiers of government in Africa. The AIIG therefore proposes to build capacity on research, ex-ante and ex-post impact evaluation of policies by collaborating and assisting the capacities of local tiers of government especially the technical human resource directly involved in policy implementation and evaluations in African governments.



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